Here you can download information for the iSeries, Linux, PC, API's, Terminals, and documentation. Feel free to obtain what you need.

IBM iSeries

iSeries Software V4R5 to V7R2.

We specialize in the IBM iSeries, AS400, OS400 software. This enterprise software will turn your iSeries into a high speed, unlimited, free software. Download, Load, then test in about 30 minutes. When you run the test, then you can incorporate the software in your order system for easy processing for your order entry for your company.

PC Terminal

download PC Terminal Change

If you want to turn a PC into a terminal to enter credit card information for processing, then download the terminal software. you can use a mag stripe reader or you can enter the information for quick processing on the PC.


Download PHP Sample scripts.

Want to use PHP, then download and install the sample script. This will assist your PHP processing.


Download Java

The iSeries demo which connects to our test servers, so you can test and see how this works. Does any other else feel comfortable enough to let you test it. We are the banks processor, if you are processing on the iSeries, you probably are using our banks, if not we can use yours.


Download Miva

Miva, Inc. is a privately owned ecommerce shopping cart software and hosting company with headquarters in San Diego, California and a data center in Tampa, Florida. Miva Merchant’s ecommerce software runs on its proprietary scripting language, MIVA Script. Download an example of MIVA to process though JetPayi5.


Download VBV Verified by Visa

This is the processing if you want the transaction to be verified by Visa.


Download Test bench Perl Post

Perl is a family of high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming languages. This is an example of connecting to JetPayi5 with Perl.

Batch Processing

Download Batch Processing

Use the Batch processing to send batches of transactions at once.


Download XML Specifications

If you want to use XML (extended markup language), then here are the schema and examples of what is sent and what is received.


Download Encryption specifications

This shows the encryption which is used in processing to JetPayi5. This will guide you though the encryption if the procedure does not include in your choice of connections. Some such as the IBM iSeries has the encryption included in the processing, where you do not need these specifications.