iSeries Offer

We offer some of the most interesting things

JetPayi5 is a bank processor and we wrote software for the iSeries to match the bank
This created some very special advantages

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Keep your same bank

Since we are the banks processor, all we need to do is to get MasterCard, Visa, and Discover approve to deal with your bank. We associate with the bank which do 95% of all processing, then we probably can process for you too.

If you want to use your same bank, or use another bank we can help

Converting is simple, very simple.

In some cases our clients have converted in a matter of minutes. Usually to make your software to have better usability, it will take a little longer. JetPayi5 is easy. We feel confident enough with the software to let you download it and try it. Go ahead and take it for a spin at your leisure. Your will have it running in a matter of minutes.

  • Download the software
  • Test the connectivity
  • Integrate into your software
  • Test as much as you desire
  • Get MasterCard's, Visa's, and Discover approval, then start to make your life easier