Lowest cost processing

Going direct saves money, and the software is free!


Merchant fees or cost broken into 4 parts.

  • Acquiring fees from your bank and/or processor.There are Acquiring fees from your bank, their processor and their associate banks. This is usually the smallest fee ranging from around .001 to .0025 of the merchant fee cost. Since your total cost is around 2% for standard transactions, you can see this is the smallest controllable fee.
  • MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or other Association fees.There are Association fees from MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or other card Associations. Typically this is around .001 of the purchase. This too is a very small part of the fee.
  • Issuing fees from the banks processor.There are Issuing fees from the bank that issued the card used in the transaction. As an example, if the cardholder has a Chase Freedom card, this would be Chase's fee. This is called “Interchange” and it’s usually a little lower than 2% or the largest part of the fees over time. However, if your bank and processor is connected directly to MasterCard and Visa, this fee can be reduced by reducing risk to the issuing bank.
  • Software and connection fees.There are various software and connection costs. For example, one software company charges up to $30,000.00 for software on the IBM iSeries. Then there is yearly maintenance etc.
  • How to save money in processing

    The first place to look would be at the largest costs to you which are the issuing fees. There are many things which can be done on the merchant's side to reduce the issuing bank's costs. If you, or your software company, understand the best Data Element 18 to use or how the discretionary item in Data Element 35 or 45 needs to be set, then you can achieve the lowest risk and thus have the lowest rates. If you don’t understand, you have a lot of company, but no need to worry we will help you with that.

    The second place to look would be the software cost. Since JetPayi5 furnishes you its software for free selecting JetPayi5 as your software provider saves you 100% of the software and connecting costs. A very big advantage indeed!

    • Offer one of the lowest Merchant's cost
    • Understands how to send data and set up the Data Elements which provides you with the greatest savings for processing
    • Has no maintenance fees
    • Has a direct connection to MasterCard, Visa, and others. There are no middlemen and this reduces your costs
    • Keeps their software current whenever MasterCard, Visa or other card associations quickly change their specifications